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In this tutorial I explained how to develop simple & advanced book library app android studio using Java programming language. Already we are uploading digital library application for people’s who are looking for soft copy results. And this is for institution who have own college, private educational organization, schools and more. Most of the college students are now starts to using eBooks, because it’s very convenient and easy to use. However hard copy books also has good demand with directly accessing libraries.

Because then only realize good feel in live mode, but soft copy materials are not comfortable for most of students. So in this tutorial I explain how to create library management system android application using Java program with MySQL database. For the authentication we are using Google Firebase to manage users details. Firebase is one of the option for authentication, push notification, firestore and more features are available. Suppose if you have no idea about Firebase ? Don’t worry we have tutorial link for clearly learn about those things.

library management system java

In the beginning it will little bit complicate to understand the code and structure. But after going few days you got clear cut idea for how manage and call the code for our existing application. Number of tutorials and videos are available in both of YouTube and Google. If you are looking for Web application then we are recommend PHP scripting language to get a better results. We have 100 plus PHP projects are available in free of cost.

Create Project – Library App Android Studio

Let’s proceed the steps for how create library management system android application using Java program in Android Studio IDE. Before starts the project just analyze the requirements and save your time. If you are a developer then continue to start the article for learn some new things with project source code. Otherwise if you are a college student and looking for final year project then go for Android WebView concepts to save your time.

Initially create modules for activate the back-end system. Then only able to proceed with further steps like communicate with database such as Firebase and MySQL. Already I told if you don’t have idea about on Firebase then once read the official documentation to get more ideas. After that you can easily sort out any integration type of issues.


With helps of Drag & Drop you can easily create UI design or make forms using XML code. Both are same but the recommended way is built user interface with help of XML code. It’s very helpful for future if you are exit on the project. Which means newly comes developers are east to understand your code.

  1. Login/Registration Form
  2. Books Collection based on Category
  3. Borrow Books
  4. Authentication (to verify the students/people’s)
  5. Make entry for students
  6. Return Entry
  7. Manage exiting user books & data

still number of modules are available but above list are major things to remind our system. Later that you can customize the code based on your client requirements.

Demo – Screenshot for Library App Android

Once check the live demo after that you are getting idea about how it’s working and also check if satisfied your requirements or not. Our objective save our blog readers that’s why in every project we are adding this benefits, if it’s okay then they are move on source code download section.

library project android studio
library project android studio

Technology used

It’s time to discuss about the technology terms which is integrated to develop library management android application. Flutter also recommended framework because the results are looks like very clean and user friendly navigation. Suppose if you are beginner then go for Dart programming language, it has good demands in software company.

Project NameLibrary System
IDEAndroid Studio

Source Code

Hope above all contents are helps to find the relevant information. If face any issues or error just contact us, we are always online to help our blog readers. But sure you did not facing any problem while running this code on your system.

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