How Increase Performance GTmetrix

In this article let’s see how Increase Performance GTmetrix. Before start this I will give small introduction about this tool. Actually this website used for checking the Website Performance & gives solution for how to solve the problem. When we follow the recommended steps, easily sort out all issues. After that our site ranking, performance, optimization will be improved on better way.

It’s specially used for WordPress Developers. But most of blogger don’t have awareness about this tool. If you are a professional developer ? then surely should knowledge about all major software. then only we able to survive on this competition. Otherwise our site will be marked as inactive.

However already I post one article which is helps to Optimize the WordPress Website. The CPU usage also one of the major reason for optimize the sites.

Check out – How Reduce CPU Usage & Increase Site Performance

Above article much helpful for fix your problem so don’t miss the opportunity. Because optimization is major part for getting traffic on SEO domain. If we failed on optimization then there is no use for posting articles.

So First follow the initial steps to improve your site. Then concentrate your post article, but most of bloggers are skip the initial step & go on second step.

That will affect your site.

Why GTmetrix

GTmetrix helps to find our website performance and also helps to reveal our problem. So we can easily able to solve the problems. They are also give guidelines for fix the problem. Most of bloggers & developers are strongly recommend GTMetrix. So don’t worry about the security problems.

First Check your WordPress or Blogger Site Performance via GTmetrix.

After checking the site you get below results. For example here I give my site performance screenshots. I hope it’s helps to understand the right way.

how increase performance gtmetrix website
Image Credits – GTmetrix

My site showing as C Grade. That’s also nice but still we need to optimize more items then only able to getting B or A grade. That was simple don’t worry & just follow my below steps to improve grade, performance, structure, LCP, TBT, CLS on Gtmetrix.

How Increase Performance GTmetrix

Firstly we need to improve our website performance. After that all the problems are automatically foxed on GTmetrix panel. So in below I suggest best ways to improve your server, MySQL database optimization & CPU usage.

CPU usage problem is common for most bloggers. It was raised when unexpectedly getting more traffics from our site. To avoid this issue just migrate Cloud or VPS server from Shared hosting plans.

  1. Activate WP-Optimize Plugin
  2. Then Optimize the existing Images
  3. Once Contact Your Hosting Providers to Delete or Kill the exiting Process Count.
  4. Choose the Right Hosting Plans

1. Activate WP-Optimize Plugin

WP-Optimize is one of the best WordPress plugin for optimize your database & contents. Without this plugin you can’t able to optimize the server. That’s why most of developers are suggest this tool to improve site overall speed performance.

Suppose already you are using other cache plugin like Lite Speed, WP Fastest or Total cache. Don’t need to delete those plugins, after optimize the database though WP-Optimize just disable a plugin. After 6 months again activate & optimize, in every 6 months continue to do this work.

2. Optimize & Compress Images

Image optimization is most important parts. Because it take more spaces on our site, so we need to compress the image size via the plugin.

Here I recommend to use Smush, which is very fast and more features in the image category. If you are choosing premium plan, then able to access more benefits.

how increase performance smush plugin
Image Credits – Smush

3. Contact Hosting Providers

Always keep in touch with your hosting providers via Live Chat. I strongly recommend Hostgator, because they are provide real time support and more features. If you are facing any issues just contact them to rectify the errors.

Therefore once contact hosting providers to kill the existing process count. After delete all process count, your site will be working in very fastest speed.

4. Select Right Hosting Plans

If you are using Shared Hosting plan then it’s time to upgrade from Cloud or VPS server. Because shared hosting has limited features so can’t able to load high level traffics. It affect CPU & RAM usage, so we take actions for control the server.

how increase performance hostgator plan
Image Credits – Hostgator

Migration Steps – Shared Hosting to Cloud & VPS Server


Above all contents helps to how increase performance GTmetrix. However still facing issues just comment below we will rectify your errors within a days. This is the major issues so don’t take is easy, give your full efforts for sort out the server mistakes.

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