Hostgator vs Hostinger

Here we analyze & compare Hostgator vs Hostinger who are provide hosting services for world wide. Millions of peoples are buying both of domain and hosting in both companies. However some peoples have this question like which is better ? and who provide best service for their customers. I know the exact answers, so in below I explained those details with real time example.

I have experienced both of Hostgator & hostinger, that’s why here I make this article for share my own experience. Because which is may be helpful for other who are think like which hosting is best Tamil Nadu, India. Moreover number of companies are available who are provide domain, hosting, e-mail etc. But when compare with existing providers such as Godaddy, bluehost, siteground, namecheap and more companies are registered for proving hosting services.

Hosting is very important for maintain Blog & Website. So think twice before purchasing domain and hosting on our site. Blog/Website entire speed, performance everything depends on who provide those services. Non technical students are making wrong decision when grab new plan in popular companies. For more once read or watch videos on YouTube. Hereafter you get clearn cut Idea lie, how mange hosting services.

Hostgator vs Hostinger

In the year of 2016 I was created blog & recently I migrate from Hostgator to hostinger. Behind the reason is most of time my blog is down and the reaspon is hostgator server intermittent issues problem. Monthly once or weekly basis regularly I got the particular problem and in the between time I lost my website traffic & it’s also affect SEO.

This is the major reason for I quit hostgator and another one reason is they are asking Rs.1800 for SSL certificate per year, but in hostinger it’s completely free for lifetime. Moreover lot of similar benefits are available on hostinger when compared to Hostgator company.

Hostgator Features

Here I just copy and paste the particular company features in their official website. Because then only peoples are believe our services. How trust ? For that first you have use those services after that you can easily identifies like which is the best & worst hosting companies.

hostgator features
Courtesy – Hostgator

Hostinger Features

I was used 5 plus hosting company services, in those list Hostinger is one of the best service in every aspect of level. Good support, reasonable price, no down time, high performance server, multiple data center, lifetime free SSL and more features are available.

hostinger features
Courtesy – Hostinger

30 % Offer

Suppose if you are plan to purchase hosting plan from Hostinger, then use our below referral link and get additional 30% offer from your existing price. We are sharing referral link and not affiliate link because most of bloggers are earn commission via affiliate marketing. But in the affiliate marketing there is no discounts for your end.

Conclusion (Hostinger Hostgator)

In my personal opinion Hostinger is best service forever, once read reviews on both of Google & YouTube, after that you get clear idea like how performance our expose well designs. Finally the winner is Hostinger with 98 percentage.

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