Google Search Console Coverage Issues

In this article I have explain how to solve the Google Search Console Coverage issues problem on your website. It’s very common error and everyone face this issue on their own blog pr any other sites. First understand the one thing, it’s not a problem. It’s like pending and after few days or weeks it will automatically indexed on search engine.

So now your question is They why this issues Raised ? The clear answer is there is two reasons for this problem.

  1. Hosting Problem (Server Load Increasing)
  2. Your Content Problem

Google Search Console

These are the two reasons for google not crawling and indexing your post. Maximum these two category of errors are commonly raised. That’s excluded Crawled Discovered Currently Not Indexed.

Already in my previous article I was explained how fix Discovered Currently Not Indexed problem. So first read that article, after a time reading this one.

After that you get clear idea for how rectify this issues when facing on your blog. Because every step is working fine and we are already tested with our client websites.

google search console
Image Credits – Google

1.Hosting Problem

Hosting also is one of the major problem for this issue. Sometime you are getting so many traffics and cross your hosting plan. In that time your back-end server load fully and spaces are not enough to accepting new contents. I did not mean the storage problem, it’s like server traffic from back-end providers (cpanel).

Suppose if you are a basic plan and get more traffic ? Just migrate into new hosting plan like Cloud or Dedicated server. The tutorial available on homepage to migrate one server to another hosting plan.

During this process our site go down, so do this work on midnight. Because in that time commonly everyone facing average traffic. Without proper guideline don’t do this work on your own risk. Sometime data will be crashing or files are missing from database.

hosting plan
Image Credits – Hostinger

Cloud plan is better than Shared hosting plan. So I suggest to go for Cloud server which is very fast and handle large traffic.

2. Write Unique Content

This is another major problem. For example just assume you have published 5 articles per day. And in that 5 article content similarly match from one to another post word. Then Google check the content and put on hold list. After you changing the content, the next time Google will indexing your article.

So just remember don’t use repeating words & URL on your post. It’s affect SEO and Google hold your contents. Therefore try to reduce the duplicate content and implement unique words. When you follow this, your content was optimized on major search engine of Google and Bing.

Search Console – Conclusion

I hope above steps are helps to solve your problem. If you are using WordPress then check our homepage, we upload more useful tips for increase your site speed. It’s helps to rank your website and traffic also increased on SEO level.

In conclusion I hope it’s helps to solve your errors. Still facing same just comment below we will try to solve on our end. Generally you need to wait minimum one month for again google re-indexed your content. Always keep on eyes in coverage section to watch the URL status.

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