Food Order PHP Payment

In this tutorial I explain how to develop online food order PHP with payment option & also track customer orders. The concept is similar of Flipkart, Amazon, because they are helps to track our orders like currently where is located & how much time takes to delivered from particular persons. So most of the college students also try to do those features such as online payment options, cash on delivery, track orders, cash on delivery, GPS and more.

We can replace here any products like groceries, electronics, mobile phones, gadgets, appliances, music, video, digital etc. For example purpose here we are adding food because this is major one & most of the business owner are end users are like to proceed with one. So later that you can change the main category as per your own requirements. Otherwise the concepts are same like orders, account creation, payment option, tracking, categories etc.

Already in our blog we are posting so many post related to Online Shopping & E-Commerce related website and mobile application. Hereafter you are getting some idea like how it was executed and what are the modules are applied on current system. You can also make more changes based on your client requirements. However each and every digital and physical product concepts are same such as Add to Cart, Wishlist, Buy Now, Quick View, Online Payment Gateway Integration and more.

WordPress or PHP ? Which is Good ?

Actually both has lot of features but need more technical knowledge in PHP to handle projects. But WordPress is easy very easy, you can develop dynamic and static application without any prior knowledge on the particular domain. Moreover number of features are available and in the less time we able to do more works.

Finally I suggest WordPress for develop your E-Commerce application or web based software. Number of Premium WordPress themes are available on Themeforest like Flatsome. These are very good to develop more attractive sites in lowest prices.

Create Project – Food Order PHP

Okay let’s start our project in Core PHP, if you have no further knowledge in PHP then we are strongly suggest you to continue with WordPress. Otherwise PHP is Good and we can able to learn more things when working with programming code. Framework is best but need more depth knowledge because it has lot of library and we have to handle carefully without any issues.

Initially create forms for allocate space into users to make orders. Therefore in every project first we have to be create login/sign up form with OTP verification (SMS or Email). Then only we able to analyze whether the customer is real or fake. Because bot also create account automatically and try to spam our sites. That’s why most of the developers are strongly enable two step verification and OTP based steps.

Payment Gateway

Razorpay and CCAvenue is major payment gateway on India. Both companies successful rates and responses are fine when compared to other providers such as PayU, Instamojo, Cashfree etc. In this example we are using Bank Transfer and Razorpay payment gateway integration. To enable the account you have to get approval from the particular concern company. After that they are provide Live API credential Keys for make the live transactions.

Screenshot – Food Delivery PHP

Once check the live demo after that you are getting some idea like how it was executed and what are the modules are used to make live process into end users. This is the main reason for why we have to add output image files in every project.

Source Code

I hope above all contents are helps to build the project, moreover in the upcoming days we are surely update new features based on customer demands. However you can also customize code if you have some knowledge in Laravel, Codeigniter, Core PHP etc.

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