Firebase Database Introduction

Firebase Database Introduction helps to learn overall about advantages, drawbacks history and more. Current days most of developers are migrate into Firebase, behind the reason is through this we can develop both of mobile & web application with lot of features.

Firebase is a back-end application founded by Google, which is used for develop Web application and mobile applications like Android & iOS. Moreover most of android developers are integrate Firebase for send push notification for users.

firebase google database tutorial

In the year of 2014, Google acquired the Firebase. After that Google make lot of new changes then most of developers are starts to using Firebase database. I hope already everyone knows about the value of Google company. So every developers blindly believe Google services.

Later that, in the year of 2016, Firebase integrate with Google platforms like AdMob, Google Cloud platform, Google AdSense and more.

Why Firebase ?

Actually Firebase is a strong & advanced backend-as-a-service platform. It’s widely used by lakhs of developers in both of testing & development field. One of the main feature is, we can easily able to communicate and access any type of files, API authentication and more.

The main feature is,

  1. Perfect Backend
  2. Data Storage
  3. User Authentication
  4. Hosting
  5. Real-time Database
  6. Free Storage (upto 5GB)

So through the Firebase we can develop web & mobile applications & also helps to integrate with Android, iOS, JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit). With help of REST API we able to connect Firebase database in our existing server.

Firebase Database Features

Actually lot of features are available in Firebase database. For example purpose here I have shared major benefits when we are choosing Firebase.

  1. We able to deploy our application on Firebase server instead of buying premium server. So most of developers are suggest & recommend Firebase database.
  2. It’s support JSON, so we easily get data from any type of API services and also retrieve, update data on live based results.
  3. It’s very secure & real-time database
  4. When we change any data from our backend, it will automatically reflect on our front-end code. That’s called as a real-time database. So if need to make any changes then easily customize the code via Firebase clean dashboard panel.
  5. User friendly

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Next Section – Firebase Authetication

I hope above Firebase Database Introduction helps to learn about basic things. In the next tutorial we see about Firebase Authentication with real time examples.

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