Face Recognition Attendance System Python Django

Face Recognition Attendance System Python Django – In this article I have explain how develop Face Recognition based attendance system for college students using Python. These days every systems are converted into digital ways. Like digital payments, digital library, news, education and more categories. All the peoples are likes to migrate on smartest ways. That’s why they are looking for internet of things (IOT) concept.

So here I post this project, it may be very helpful for college students. Most of students are select python language for final year projects. Because software companies also looking for python developers. Because in this world looking for technical world not a traditional. That’s why they are accept all changes like Google Pay to Online Education (Google Meet, Zoom) etc.

OpenCV library used for this project. Actually it’s used for detect students face when they are showing on webcam. We need some third party libraries needs foe execute large scalable application. Suppose if you are beginner in Python, just read official documentation before proceed this project.

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Project Overview

This project has totally five modules. Every thing was explained below & Screenshots also added end of the article. So then you can able to download free source code of attendance system python.

  1. Login Page (Admin/Staff)
  2. Students Entry Page
  3. Staff Verification
  4. Face Entry
  5. Finally Capture Face & Verification Process

Every module codes are given in the zip file, you can download & import from your system. OpenCV library need for show & validate students faces.

Project Screenshots

In this project has no live demo so alternatively I give screenshot of face recognition system project output screen. Is this okay for you, then move on next level to get the full code. If not satisfy your requirement just ignore this & continue your search on internet.

I hope above screenshot will helps to guess the project live demo. If this okay for just go and download the source code. You can also do the customization for your taste, so don’t worry about that & let’s get the code. Everything was easy when you have some knowledge on programming concepts.

How Run this Project

Here I give steps for how run this project on your system. The initial stage was always little bit hard to understand but later that we can easily accomplish the work.

  1. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  2. Create photos, temp, profile folder in static folder.
  3. python3 manage.py makemigrations
  4. python3 manage.py migrate
  5. python3 manage.py createsuperuser
  6. python3 manage.py runserver

That’s it.

Download Source Code

Above steps and code’s are helps to build attendance system on python. Here get the source code & face any errors, just comment below I will try to solve your bugs as soon as possible. When execute this project, you get lot of errors, but everything was minor error. So easily solve the errors with the help of stackoverflow platform.

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