Ecommerce App Flutter Firebase

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Ecommerce App Flutter Firebase database in android studio IDE platform. Current days most of developers are migrate into Flutter framework because it has lot of features when compared to other programming languages like Java, Python, Angular etc. Dart language entirely changing the mobile application structure with help of Google Firebase cloud database.

Before coming Flutter, most of developers are never use Firebase. But now everything was changes & Firebase also give more features on server side. So it’s very good for store and manage data from server end. And also helps to manage the API services without any issues via JSON & some of third party libraries. Already in our blog we have posting so many MVVM articles related to Firebase tutorial. So if you are beginner then once read for more information.

ecommerce app flutter firebase

When we are using Flutter framework then our application looks like very clean and material design. This is the major reason for why everyone should migrate into Dart programming languages. Once compare the Flutter Apps & Java apps and see the difference about designs. After that you are like to work with Flutter domain.

Create Project – Ecommerce App Flutter

Let’s see the steps for how create E-commerce android application using Flutter using Firebase database. MySQL also best when you have own server, but it has limited features. However through the Firebase we able to manage the admin panel dashboard for uploading and manage entire products. Because via this our time and efforts are completely saved.

Moreover database tutorials are available in our blog, so once read and guide the code. After that you get some idea like how integrate the code in Flutter framework. On the other hand software companies also looking for back-end developers who have well knowledge in Firebase. So it’s worth for learn to improve our career into next level.


  1. Material Design
  2. Forget Password
  3. Customize Account information like Name, Email ID, Phone Number etc.
  4. Recylcerview categories
  5. Image Zoom In & Out
  6. Check the Live updates
  7. Animated Forms, Buttons, Images, Navigation etc.
  8. Attractive Menu Bar with Icon

Firebase Integration Steps

I hope already you know the steps for how integrate Flutter Apps into Firebase database. Then only we able to store and access the data without any issues. Therefore first we have to create project and hereafter copy the package name & place into Firebase projects. Hereafter JSON file do the rest works like retrieval process and more things.

Ecommerce App Flutter Firebase – Screenshot

Once check the project output file and then you can easily understand the designs. Already in the beginning section I have add one image file. However when add more image, peoples are easily get clear cut idea of project summary about status level.

ecommerce site using flutter
shopping cart flutter firebase
flutter firebase shopping site

Source Code

Above all contents are helps to build the online shopping cart website using Flutter in android studio platform. Nowadays every business owners are create online store for sell their products or services. For that E-commerce platforms are helps lot to create path for meet both of buyers & sellers. For example through this code you can build grocery sites, clothing, food delivery, electronics similar of Flipkar and Amazon websites.

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