Earn 100 dollars Per Day

In this article we see how earn 100 dollars per day without any investments. Nowadays we have plenty of options to make money online. Because everything is available with the help of internet. So we easily able to earn passive income from the trusted legit websites.

In the beginning stage it was totally confused like how everyone earn money? It’s really Possible or they are cheat us? This type of question mostly raised & me also the same category. Hereafter working on few days I got the concept. Now I am expert in Online like I know how others are making money online.

Because now me also earn $50 to $100 per month when following their methods. Here I teach you how generate money from legit sites.

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Can I make $100 per Day ?

Yes but $100 not possible. But when we hard work then able to earn $50 per day in the smart way. In below I list out the ways for how I earn Rupees 1000 per day or weekly based work.

earn 100 dollars

These days most of peoples search like how quickly earn money through Data Entry Work, Content Writing, Affiliating Jobs, Copy Paste Work, Online Survey, Watch Videos, PTC Sites, Click ads and more category. Already in my blog I post so many article for generate passive income online.

I left my job & do full the full time blogger work. My primary income was Google AdSense, that was one of the best biggest source for most of bloggers. But we need one Blog or Website for making money using Google AdSense network.

YouTube Channel is the Best Online Job ?

Mostly everyone starts YouTube channels so in that domain traffic was lot & no knowledge required for creating YouTube videos. But Blog not like that, need some knowledge for maintain blogging works. So easily not everyone coming like YouTube platform.

Therefore Learn How Create Blog & Earn Money

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Top 10 Legit Sites for Earn Money Online

Okay let’s start the Top 10 Trusted legit websites for earn money online in India & other countries also able to follow this steps. Because it was matching all countries peoples & if you have any doubts regarding this, just comment below I will response within 24 hours.

Before starting this once we see what are requirements we need to start online work. Without this we not able to generate money online from home. For that following below procedure.

  • One Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet Connection
  • Basic Knowledge in English (like writing skill in English Language)
  • Basic Computer Skill (Like How copy save the contents)
  • Image editing, Compress Image Techniques.


Freecash one of the best site for earn money online. These days most of peoples are using this site and earn minimum $3 to $10 per Day. The work was just like playing games, online survey, task completion etc. So don’t miss the opportunity and click below link to start the work.

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1. Blogging

One of best way is Blog Creation. Because through this only we able to generate lots of money even when we are sleep. But some peoples are don’t come on blog because they are think like technical knowledge required for maintain Blog.

earn money blog

Of course technical knowledge is required but that was very simple procedure. We easily able to understand the steps. These days plenty of documentation and videos are available in YouTube. So easily follow & complete the procedure.

blogging earn money vetbossel

Once we will done for this domain, then continuously making money via blogging. So try to Create Blog & beginning is always hardest for all sector.

Through this we able to earn 100 dollars per Day.

Okay fine. Let’s Read – How Create Blog & Making Money Online

Google AdSense provide Ads for our Blog. Through this we can earn more money. If our blog readers are from other countries like US then generate 2x income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliating Marketing also best way but need to work hard for generate money. I mean stress is over on this category we need to find exact customers for buy our products. I hope already you have basic knowledge in affiliate marketing domain.

It was like referral earning. For example Amazon Flipkart and more top companies are offers affiliating features for their customers. Through the feature everyone able to make money online. Suppose if this way working fine then easily earn 100 dollars per month. The steps are like,

affiliate marketing jobs
  1. They are give Product Link
  2. We need to Refer & Share the Link from our friends, parents colleagues.
  3. When they buy the product via our link, the company give us commission.
  4. So the main objective is Refer the Products & Earn the Commission.

It was simple work but the problem is we not able every time force someone to buy the products via our link. That’s why hiddenly YouTube creators are refer the products via the short link. If you’re have any YouTube channel then easily able to sell the products.

3. Become a YouTube Creator

Already I explained nowadays everyone starts YouTube channel so traffic is high. But that was really nice to earn money from home. I mean competition is high, if you able survey on traffic then join as a creator & posting good videos.

Entertainments & Couples oriented channels are easily get million of subscribers. Peoples also looking for those contents. Like Vivek Deepika Couples channel is good to see & lot of couples channels are trending on YouTube.

4. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry work is mostly not recommended because we need to invest more time on those type of works. If it’s okay for you then start to your career on data entry domain. Another major reason was this work very boring and income also very low. Therefore I did not recommend this work for my blog readers.

data entry jobs from home

This is Okay for You ? – Data Entry Jobs from Home

5. Content Writer Works

Content Writer work is very good but we need clients for starting this work. Otherwise we start from Medium.com Site which is very popular website. Another way is find the clients from Freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancing and PeoplePerHour site.

But my recommendation was write articles on your blog because with the ads help we able to make more dollars money. Through this work make to earn 100 dollars per week or month.


I hope above steps are really helps to choose your career for part time works from home. These days secondary income was must to run our family. That’s why most of housewife’s also looking for online based works.

Finally my personal suggestion & recommendation was Blogging is greatest ways for long term money making ideas. So think about it & ask your colleagues who are in software domain or technical system related works.

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