Create Website using Django

In this tutorial I have explain how create website using Django Framework in Python language. Nowadays most of college students are starts to do project in Python program. Because currently software companies are give importance for Python developers who have good knowledge in frameworks like Django, Flask etc. Moreover database section also important to learn, because small companies are looking for full stack developers.

Therefore sharpen your knowledge in both of front-end & back-end technologies. Then only able to get any one of jobs in software industries. In the beginning days it will little bit hard to understand the programming language. But later that you can easily learn code with your own ideas. So don’t give up on initial days.

create website using django

For example in above I create simple image with some paragraph lines. You can create any type of website or blog like personal photography, grocery store or any ecommerce site. Because here our concept is just create new website using Python Django framework. Most of working professional are using Django framework who have well knowledge on Python languages.


  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. django-thumbnail
  4. django-tagging
  5. django-ckeditor
  6. django-decouple
  7. boto3
  8. django-storage

Create Project – Create Website using Django

Okay let’s see the steps for how create attractive website using Django in python. Here we are using Postgresql database for manage the entire data. If you are plan to develop static website then no need to create any database on your end. But database is very important for every project & companies also demand those type of changes.

Alternatively you can use MySQL for storing & retrieved files. Current days most of peoples are do the project in MySQL database, because it’s very easy to develop and documentation also available. So if you have good knowledge in Postgres then go for it to face more benefits.


In the common features are lot like when we are using web technology languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. But here we are using Django framework, so need to add library files when add more features on our projects.

  1. Gallery View (Image Slide)
  2. Infinite Scrolling
  3. Content Management System like WordPress via CKEditor
  4. Thumbnail Generation
  5. Buttons, Menu, Navigation & more common functionalities

Website using Django Screenshots

Just check the website screenshot for how it’s executed on our site. For more you can customize the code as per your own requirements. However it’s not a easy task, do more changes and edit the code for perfect upgrade processing steps. In this example project I completely explained the all steps which is hard to handle our system.

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website page scroll python django
django website python

Source Code

I hope above all explanation and images are helps to build the websites. Moreover you get some idea when you are integrate with your projects. Because live time progress only works on well mode. Otherwise we did not get any idea still not even develop single page.

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