Create Notepad Using Python

In this tutorial I have explain how create Notepad using Python Program. Notepad is very oldest software and still millions of users are use this application on windows platform. Because it’s very user friendly and used for take the notes even beginner programmers are accessing notepad software.

But it’s not a recommended editor for software programmers. Because through this software we can’t able to perform more operation like not manage entire project directories. However initial stage students only access this editors.

Already I have develop this editor in android studio platform. Once check the output if it’s okay then move on next section to download the source code. Otherwise keep continue in Python language and here I am using Tkinter GUI toolkit for develop the interface.

Every OS has different features like Ubuntu using Text Editor IDE which is more powerful than normal Notepad software. Ubuntu is always have more features when compared to other operating system such as Windows, Mac OS.

How it’s working

Generally we use Django framework for develop most of web applications. But to develop standalone application, tkinter or Pyqt is best option because those software GUI (Graphical User Interface) based application.

Generally every text editor has common features like

  1. New File
  2. Save
  3. Copy & Paste
  4. Find & Replace

These are most used options and simply accessed for basic operation. Suppose if you are trying to get software related job ? then you have improve your knowledge in both of Python & PHP program. Because in most of companies these 2 languages are widely used by developers.

Create notepad Project

Okay let’s start the steps for how create simple notepad text editor software with your own code. Moreover notepad ++ have more features such as point out program syntax, error handling and more functionalities. But for that we need tom develop more lines of code. So first you have to strong on basic level software after that upgrade your knowledge on next level.



Once check the output files. Then take decision whether it’s okay or not for you. This is not a basic web application so you have to implement more logic for better results. In below I have add simple screenshot for show the output files.

create notepad using python

Moreover you can perform font operations like size, family, bold, italic and more services. Actually these are common operation for every software. Therefore without this without this no one use our editor IDE.


  1. Tkinter
  2. Python
  3. Pycharm

Here we did not use any external database. Because already I told we are developing standalone software. Fore more information once read the official documentation.

Create Notepad using Python Code

I hope above all code helps to guide for how implement perfect text editor software using Python program. Similarly we don’t need framework helps like Django, Flask. Python is correct for develop standalone software so the starting stage is notepad after that step by step improve your knowledge. Through the software you get some idea like how use external and internal libraries.

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