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In this tutorial I explain how to create ChatGPT app android studio platform using Java programming languages. Actually recent days Chat GPT is widely discussed and used by a lot of people’s. Behind the reason is it’s very unique and deliver the exact information in clear format. When compared to Google Search engine, it’s very efficient because only one results are listed and that was easily able to understand the topics.

This is the major reason for why still most of developers, blog creators (content creator) using ChatGPT for clarify their doubts, learn free stuff and more benefits are available. Microsoft company invest big amount in Open AI to build perfect platform which is plan to replace the Google search engine. However it’s not possible because no one able to break Google company until they are left the industry. Google each and every results are very accurate and easily understand the answers.

Moreover Google also plan to build new AI tool which is compete with Chat GPT technologies. The Google AI name is like Bard (LAMDA), which is very powerful and already they are start their in back-end, so we expect the production in end of this year . Just wait and see what will helps to easier the people’s day to day search activities..

Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how create similar of ChatGPT android web application using Java with Firebase & MySQL databases. It’s not a easy task so you should improve your knowledge on the particular domain and then try to work with live projects. Hereafter only you got clear idea about each steps like how create forms, buttons, connectivity, API calls, database configuration and more things.

Once read Java Tutorial in some of popular tutorial websites such as GeeksforGeeks, JavaTpoint, W3Schools, Guru99 etc. After reading those articles you got clear idea like how to execute the proper code based on our functionalities.

Initial Steps – Create ChatGPT App Android

Initially you have to create new project as usual and then we have to create large database set for retrieve datasets. Then only able to list out particular information when end users are raising any queries. Chat GPT have own datasets which is helps to collect data based on user search queries. You can also follow this steps to make our own project, otherwise we have partner with someone who provide API services for displayed all information.

But that is completely not credit for us so try to develop your data then only you can achieve some great things via this platform. For example purpose you can locally stored data on MySQL or Firebase database for medium level targeting users. It’s perfect for college student projects because no one able to compete the biggest company of ChatGPT, Google Bard.

Our objective is just help college students who are looking for these related project titles. However it’s not easy, already I told for that we have to update our knowledge with latest technology.

Database (MySQL & Firebase)

Totally we are using two database concepts are store the values. If you have any search engine then easily track data from particular datasets. I think Google Bard also get data from their parent search engines. Manually we have to update the things globally otherwise not provide exact results.

For college related projects it’s fine, so follow this method to create simple and overall concept of Chat GPT application. Authorization functions are executed via Firebase technology and normal user information stored on MySQL database. MongoDB also preferred one because that’s a non-structured database for collecting text based information.

Features – Create ChatGPT App Android

  1. Like ChatGPT Homepage
  2. Authentication Required
  3. Social Media oAuth
  4. User Friendly Navigation
  5. Suggestion based AJAX Form
  6. Limited Results
  7. Pagination

and more major and minor features are available. Once visit our app then you can understand our concepts. Also check our Android Studio Source Code in free of cost with free guidelines.

Source Code & Documentation

In below I have list the steps and guidelines for implement projects. The between time if you are facing any issues just contact us for explore more customization works. GitHub is best reference for go through related your project customization steps.

Flutter Dart Technology are used here.

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