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Here I explain how to Create Blog PHP MySQL with Admin Panel like WordPress content management system. Actually WordPress is one of the best platform for maintain our website or blog without any struggles. However some developers and peoples are don’t like so they are looking for PHP code to develop similar of maintain blog. As a result now I helps to implement best Admin Blog like same of WordPress with all features.

Through this you can create new post with Text editor options. With help of editor you can easily add images, links, headings, tables and more benefits. That’s why here we are building simple and advanced editor software for make our work very easy. We did not cover overall features with same of WordPress, just drag the overall concepts only.

You did not able to install new Plugins, Themes, Widgets and so many things. Only able to upload post with separate categories with text editors. If you are looking for clean tutorial sites then it’s good for one and lightweight site. Once check our live demo video, after that you get one idea like how it’s executed on our device. Later that you can customize the designs, homepage, navigation, menu etc. We are using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP & MySQL database for completed this project.

Technologies Used

Front-EndHTML, CSS & JavaScript
Web ServerXAMPP
Code EditorSublime Text

Create Project – Create Blog PHP MySQL

Okay let’s see the steps for how create blog website with admin panel features using PHP & MySQL database. Admin panel is very important for upload our contents and the data saved from MySQL database. Here slug is very important to configure our projects into next level without affecting SEO techniques. Also check out our another tech blog of Diya Act to browse more code.

Generate & Submit XML

Manually you have to generate sitemap for your website to show your website/blog on google search engine. For that first you have to verify your ownership via adding site on Google Search console. Hereafter the particular website URL stars to showing on users side based on rank factors.

After generate Sitemap, add the XML file on your root path. Then it’s automatically fetched and updated on your site. But in WordPress it will automatically do the all steps with help of Yoast or Rank Math SEO plugins.


Actually this project has lot of features when compared to normal blogging system. But not similar of WordPress however we are try to give our best in both of designs & concept.

  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Easy to use
  3. Admin Login
  4. Material Card Layout design
  5. Pagination like Google
  6. Bottom Widgets
  7. Generate Slug
  8. Advanced Text Editor
  9. Animation

and more number of advantages are available on this project. Once see our live demo to cross check overall benefits and drawback. We also do more customization works f need for your future references. Moreover we have have lot of PHP Mini Projects with free source code.

Screenshot – Create Blog PHP MySQL

Already demo video explained in above section however in every project we are adding output images for understand about projects. So check on your end how perform our web application and do more customize works after purchase the code.

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Source Code

The source code is not for free, you have to pay Rs.500 ($8) for download code. Suppose if you want to discuss with us before purchase the code, just WhatsApp (+91 8940379384). In below I share how you payment the project and get source code of blog website with Admin panel using Core PHP programming language and MySQL database.

Send Your Payment in our UPI id of vetridiya@ibl , after the payment send screenshot for +91 8940379384 to get source code.

Live Demo – Create Blog PHP

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