Complaint Management System PHP MySQL

In this tutorial I explain how to create & develop complaint management system PHP & MySQL programming language. Actually this is college/school/institution based project like they are able to raise ticket about mistakes. For example if bathroom was not clean then able to raise ticket against of College faculties or management teams such as principal, managing directors. It’s one of the great system because students able to solve their daily facing problem via this concept.

Recently one of the college student request to do the project like Lab Stock Inventory based management system. And they are looking for totally three login space for check their current status about ticket/complaint level queries. Therefore in this project we are creating totally 3 accounts for three type of persons. They are,

  1. Admin Login
  2. Head of the Department
  3. Students/Users

Admin able to track all of details like manage both of faculties (teachers) & students who are raise issues from their portal. The initial step is student must create new account for raise any issues regarding college campus. After that, the particular query forwarded into the head of the departments like HOD or senior madam/Sir.

complaint management system php

Create Project – Complaint Management System PHP

Already I told in this project we have totally three login pages and every pages has validation with proper details. However particular person have to enter all related info then only both of input & output data will be managed. Moreover separate profile options are available, here you can change the profile picture, password, address etc.

Announcement is common and used for send proper notification or any info which has sent by college admin team members. In offline they are using Notice board and here use announcement to send all messages to the particular teams. Previously we are developed inventory manage project which also similar of this one. Once check and then you get more idea regarding this to improve next level.

Department Section (Faculties)

You can create multiple departments based on your requirements. Generally every college have BE Computer Science, B.Tech, MCA Project, MBA, Civil, EEE, ECE, ME and more. Use these any one of department and raise complaint for particular responsible persons.

college department complaint php

Particular department students are raising ticket against their faculty members. After that they are analyze and research about the issues, if valid and true then it will approved and fixed soon in certain duration of time.

Head Department Admin Panel

Faculty get request issues when student upload their own departments. In below I have add the screenshot for understand the full project structures. So I hope these information helps to understand and fulfill your requirements.

head department complaint php

Alternatively you can also upload images/photo also to clearly explain the issues. But it take more time for develop the application so in future we are add these benefit for end users.

Screenshots (Live Demo)

In the above section we are adding some screenshot and moreover this is not a free project so for the live demo you can contact us via mobile phone & email address. User side only photos are not shared by here & you can raise request to see full project.

Download Code – Complaint Management system PHP

This is not a free project and you have to pay Rs.1000 ($15) to purchase the source code. Moreover give further support for change the images, customization, edit, enhancement and more. It’s based on your requirements, if you are asking more corrections then you have to pay additional amounts.

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