College Management System Python Django

In this project I explain how to create college management system Python using Django framework. IT’s one of the greatest framework for build the web application when compared to Flask. So most of the college students and professional developers are choosing Django for implement the web based applications or websites. Mostly college final year students are searching management based projects like Online Job portal, News portal etc.

Already we are uploaded so many Python application with complete source code. Once visit our project repository to expose more valuable source code plus documentation. Because without proper steps we can’t able to execute the project with database connection. That’s why we are giving 100 percentage surety for each project explanations.

Actually most of the Django developers are using SQLite database for store & retrieve the values from server side. Behind the reason is it’s very easy to use, user friendly navigation, lightweight and more benefits are available. However MySQL also good option but for that we need to learn some queries when use complicated concepts.

SQLite or MySQL

The decision is your end based on your knowledge. And here in this project we are using SQLite database for store the end user information. If you need to change database then you can proceed when you have strong knowledge in both of Python & SQL queries.

Software Requriements

  1. SQLite
  2. VS Code
  3. Python

Install SQLite

Before starts this project first we have to install SQLite browser software for our windows operating system.

install sqlite browser python project

Install Software here. After install the software open the UI and click open database to use our existing database (db.sqlite) files.

Install Visual Studio Code

VS code is one of the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for develop both of web and mobile application. Number of IDE is available on market but 90 percentage of developer are using VS code. The reason is it’s lightweight, easy to use, user friendly navigation and more benefits are available.

Click to download the VS code here.

Install Python

Finally install Python software and also install the extension from VS code software. Because then only we able to manage the python programming code in our project. Current version is 3.11 and you can use updated version because it’s not affect the project executions.

Download & Install Software here. Click Download tabs in the menu and then click button to download the software on your machine based on operating system.

Create Project – College Management System Python

Okay let’s see the steps for how to create and develop college management system project in Django framework. Already in the above section I explained the complete steps for how install the software requirements for our project. Second step is download the source code and open the project folder on your computer.

This project has lot of features like admin able to allocate login account space for each students and college faculties (teachers). Through this they are able to manage their daily works, status, task, work details and more. Students also track the attendance details via selecting date based results.

Features – College Management System Python

  1. Admin Login & Create Account (via superuser)
  2. Teacher Login
  3. Student Login
  4. Attendance Details
  5. Track attendance
  6. Material Design
  7. Apply for Leave
  8. Send official notification for both of Students & Faculties.
  9. Add Subject
  10. Assign Course & Subject by admin
  11. Staff & Student Feedback
  12. Manage User Data (student & staff)
  13. Update Password
  14. Set Profile picture
  15. My Account Profile Dashboard
  16. Responsive Design
  17. Bootstrap Template
  18. Mobile User Friendly Navigation

and more benefits are available. Once check our live demo for getting more details about the particular project.

Installation Steps – College Management System Python

First open the project folder on your VS code software. After that open file & install the requirements. Already we are creating requirements file for simplify your works, because you can directly download & install the dependency packages via terminal options.

1. pip install -r requirements.txt
2. python makemigrations
3. python migrate
4. python runserver

The first three point is very important because without this you can’t execute the project on your machine. During the installation if you are facing any issues just contact us for clarify your errors within a hours. The reason is it’s premium project & the cost is Rs.500 only with full technical support. It means we help to install the project on your laptop with proper guidelines and explanations.

Create Admin Email & Password

After successfully execute the project you can create admin user via VS code terminal. To do that use below command and then you can create own login credentials for manage both of faculties and students.

python createsuperuser

Demo (Screenshot)

Once check out our project screenshot after that you are getting clear idea like how it’s working and what features are we are adding in our application.

college management system python django
college manamgement system add students python
staff login college management system

Source Code – College Management System Python

I hope above all steps are helps to create project and install the packages on your end. And already I told this is premium project & you have to pay Rs.500 for download complete code with full installation support from our end.

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