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Here I explain how to create Calculator App Android Studio platform using Java programming language. It’s one of biggest & old project because in college days we are trying calculator app using C, C++, Visual Basic, ASP.Net, PHP and more languages. And now android developers are simplify the app performance with lot of features. For example through the single calc app you can perform all operation even scientific calculation.

That’s why current days no one buy physical calculator for do the calculation. Alternatively via single we can perform all type of basic & advanced calculation in smart pad. Actually it’s very simple project because we don’t need any database such as MySQL, SQLite, Firebase, MongoDB for store data from database. The reason is here we just do the calculation process and then finally showing result for end users. That’s it, so no need to store any information from server side or local client end.

calculator app android studio

For the simple calculator app like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division we don’t need extra code or logic concept. When try to add scientific calculation then we have perform so many operation like sin, cos, tan, log square etc. But that’s also very easy because formula’s are available on internet. Just apply in our code and then executed fine without any issues. Body Mass Index (BMI) concepts also added into this application.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Glide Lib
  4. Android Studio IDE
  5. Formula Predictor Lib
  6. SQLite (optional)
  7. JSON (optional)

Create Project – Calculator App Android Studio

Okay let’s see the steps for how create & implement calculator app with all features like scientific, standard, BMI, Area and more. Because current days every application meet those requirements, so here we are also adding every benefits. Therefore surely it’s very helpful for beginners and working professionals who are in software industry.

As usual first create project template and then setup common steps. Here we don’t need any database for storing data from server. So just in three modules we able to complete entire android application. If you have good knowledge in Flutter framework then go for Dart programming languages. Because it has lot features when compared to Java program like attractive designs, easy to widgets, components, dependency injection and more.

How It Works

Initially we need to set formula for every modules. In some calculator they are give space to store some data for user end. If you need that feature then just add SQLite for add temporary file from client machine. Otherwise host with JSON server but it’s very complicate to integrate the steps. SQLite is best and easy to integration without facing issues.

Screenshot – Calculator App Android

Let’s check output image file for calculator app, After that you get some idea like how we customize and add more information. Customization is must because then only our apps looks like unique and in our own taste. First execute the code on your laptop, if no error then modify designs only like layout, colors, button structure etc.

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calculator app java scientific
calculator square area calculation android

Source Code

I hope above all source code helps to create perfect and advanced calculator application using java code in android studio platform. Moreover already we are explain installation instruction, setup, formula creation every methods are added on source code file. Just download code and try on your system if face any issues just contact us for sort out the issues.

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