Blood Donation Flutter App

In this article I have explained how to create Blood Donation Flutter App in VS Code IDE. If you have good knowledge in android studio then go for that editor. Because this IDE has lot of features but need good configuration for manage the code. For example i5 processor with 8GB Ram must for execute the android studio IDE on your laptop/desktop. But Visual Studio Code is very Lightweight and minimum configuration enough to run the code.

So most of flutter developers are recommend VS Code for developing Flutter apps. However when we use Java then VS Code is not supported and alternatively recommend official IDE. I hope now you get some idea like how it’s works on our projects. In the beginning time everything is hard to understand but after working on few days, we are master in the particular domain.

blood donation flutter app

Initially we assign login space for both of donors and recipients to get the fastest responses without wasting time. Because blood is very essential for save our life, so we did not waste someone’s time who are looking for blood. All groups are available so you can check the group and if available then contact the admin to proceed the next formality.

Create Project – Blood Donation Flutter App

Let’s see how to create blood management system android application using Dart programming language using Flutter framework. Current days most of peoples are easily get details about needed blood, because now everything was stored in digital way. So we easily able to get finger tip details within a seconds. If not available then contact other hospitals and now every hospitals are manage digital app for manage the blood details. It’s helps to easily find out the available blood group and capacity spaces.


  1. Dart
  2. VS Code (IDE)
  3. Node
  4. MySQL
  5. Firebase
  6. Web Technology Languages (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
  7. Typescript

Library Files – Packages

  • Fluro
  • Dio
  • Extended Text
  • Page Transition
  • Flutter Toast
  • Easy Refresh
  • Page Transition
  • Cookie Jar
  • Loading More (for pagination)


Actually this project has lot of features and major benefits only explained here. Moreover you can see when use the application on your devices. Flutter always give us perfect UI design layout, that’s why major peoples are migrate into Dart program. Because lot of ready made widgets are available to use in our projects.

  1. Material Design
  2. User Friendly Navigation
  3. Check the blood capacity
  4. Available Blood Groups
  5. Donors & Recipients Name & Contact Number
  6. Chat Options
  7. Request new blood groups from Donors
  8. Track the Donors

Blood Bank Flutter App Screenshots

Once check the project screenshot after that you get clear cut idea for how modules are created. That’s why here we are adding image files, alternative of live demo features. This is application so providing live demo is not possible, that’s why added screenshots.

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blood donation android app
register new user android
donation app blood flutter android

Source Code

Above all image files and explanations are helps to create blood donation app using flutter framework. Already I told this app has lot of features like easily track the customer number, blood groups, address and more details. So it’s very useful for manage the blood donation application in every hospitals.

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