Blood Bank Management System Python Django

Blood Bank Management System Python Django – In this article I have explain how develop blood bank management project. These days most of college students are choose django framework for implement their projects. Because most of companies hire python developers, that’s why students also select python programming language.

Already in my blog I have posted so many python projects on django framework which is surely used for final year students. Before popular on django framework, most of college students select PHP or .Net. Because that was very easy & everyone follow same concept. When analyze about documentation that was really great & easily fix the bugs.

But now django is new platform so some developers and students are struggle in some places. When compare to django to Java? that was good documentation & lot forums available on Java. So senior developers are java for large scalable application. But now students are select python for get a job in software company.

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Blood Management System

Okay now let’s discuss with project description & overview. Totally this project has several modules all of that explained in comes on further section. The important thing is just three modules only, other was just like sub modules. They are,

  1. Hospital (Admin)
  2. Blood Donors
  3. Patient

Totally these three type of categories we needs for develop blood bank management system project using python. Every category has some features like admin able to view, delete and accept donors who are willing to give the blood for patients.

Blood donors needs create one account for store her profile on hospital database. For the verification purpose like if need him details, they are fetch from database. Donors are request & accept blood request which is raised from some hospital who have your contact numbers.

blood bank management system python django

Patients also has rights for request blood for some donors. Then see the status of accept or reject level of history query. They are able to track all donors who are recently give or request new blood group for patients.

How Run Project

First you have to download the full source code. End of the article I give the code which is helped for build this project on your system. we need some external library files for execute this project & make bug free project.

  1. Download Source Code
  2. Install pip like ($ pip install -r requirement.txt)
  3. $ python migrate
  4. $ python createsuperuser
  5. $ python runserver
  6. Then finally open browser and visit the URL of http://localhost:8000

Download Project

Okay fine I hope above project will helps to clarify your search ends. Suppose if you are face any errors just comment below I will try clear as soon as possible. Most of students ask this project, so here I would like to share for my blog readers.

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