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In this tutorial I have explain how to convert our APK to source code using Android Studio software in Java program. Because currently most of clients are looking for android application so developers also starts to learn apps. For that you need to learn Java program but most of peoples are going shortest path to get free source code. So through the tutorial I clearly explained for there is no use to convert your apk file to java source code.

Actually we able to get only client side code like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. But here Java is a back-end and server side programming language. Therefore we did not get code with any type of software or browser extension such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. Some peoples are still using View Page Source button to download all source code including Images, CSS, HTML & JS file. It’s only worked on static related client side websites.

apk to source code

Just forget this concept on server side related websites or android application like PHP, Java, Angular, React, Python etc. Non technical college students are mostly encouraging those type of script for convert any type of application to get source code. Moreover lot of live websites are listed out on internet. But it’s mostly waste our time, alternatively first learn how to develop the apps from scratch to advance level concepts.

It’s Real or Fake – APK to Source Code ?

It’s completely fake. So don’t waste your valuable time on those type of website who are using similar of services like convert your apk to source code. When you are following the particular method, finally you get code but that’s all auto generate Java code. There is no use for that code to implement our application. Similarly database setup, values, integration and every things are we need to create original application.

Then Why this article ?

Because most of peoples are believe this like we can covert any .APK and get source code. That’s why here I post this article based on awareness for who are trust these type of works. Already I told it’s completely waste of time instead of learn new technology things.

Available Websites – Convert APK to Source Code

When we are search how convert APK file to android studio application source code, we get some results. For example javadecompilers, decompiler and more blog also listed some of sites who are proving this service for end users. Personally I tried above mentioned two sites and the result is nothing. Therefore here my suggestion is just forget these things and learn android app development domain for create your own apps.

apk source code java
android apk to source code java

Learn Android App Development

Instead of trying those methods just learn Java program and then for database section. Because database is mandatory for app development. Without db we can’t create and store any values from server side. A lot of tutorial videos are available in various languages such as Tamil, English, Hindi etc. Maximum of peoples are learn via YouTube platform. If you have any doubts regarding this, just contact us for more information.

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