Angular Firebase CRUD Example

Angular Firebase CRUD Example – In this tutorial I will explain how to implement the angular with real time database of Firebase. Now a days developers choose Firebase because its very fast, user friendly, cloud storage and more features. Before using Firebase most of developers are choose MySQL, oracle, MongoDB database. When compared to the Firebase, its better than other database.

angular firebase crud operation

In every project we need crud operation to perform the good back-end service application. When compared to the MySQL database Firebase is very user friendly and base knowledge enough to complete the projects. MySQL has good documentation but Firebase not like that because its has good community.

Create Project

Okay lets start the project, I hope already you know the basic steps of angular project creation suppose if you don’t know watch my Angular Tutorial Beginner Video on YouTube. After creating the project the default index.html file looks like.

Then we need to create components for use the angular routing concept. Through the router, data are communicate with Firebase real time database. The full of typescript codes are automatically converted when you type JavaScript code on your project. Already published one article Angular Firebase Push Notification check to learn more about Firebase database.


In this project I have create four components, each of components used for communicate with Firebase database and view from client side. The components are,

  1. Homepage Component
  2. Employee Forms Component
  3. Navigation Bar Component

Homepage Component

This is the homepage components. I have not more decorate this page you can later that apply the CSS and develop with good user interface design. Every project user interface is very important rather than the concept. Because users are like designs only not development. The home component code is,

Employee Component

Here you have to list the employee details like their name, job title, salary and age. Once we fill the form its automatically inserted from the firestore. Then delete or update the data from Firebase database or client side we have modify the data.

Angular Firebase CRUD Example

I have not list the all source code, finally give the entire code on this Angular crud operation project. You got one idea when you working on Firebase real time database. Full documentation and many other open source tutorial available in YouTube and some blogs.

Source Code – angular Firebase crud example

Click to get the full source code of angular Firebase crud example operation tutorial. Its very helpful for beginners and mid level angular Firebase developers. Face any error on this, comment below will help to fix the bug.

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