Android WebView Approval Steps and Source Code

In this article I explain Android WebView approval steps and source code using Java program. Most of peoples are currently using WebView concepts who have no idea in app development like no particular knowledge in Java programming languages. Java is very mandatory for develop android apps so we can’t skip to move on app development field. It’s not easy to learn, we need to learn lot of things in Java then only get some idea in application development.

It takes nearly 3 months to get overall some knowledge like how handle and solve the issues. For that first you have to learn about OOPS concept because it’s basic for all programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, C++, Flutter, Angular, JavaScript, React, Node etc. Moreover database also must but you can learn later that because its not complicate like Java. So in the beginning starts from OOPS then step by by integrate with real time example like how design Login forms, Button, Menu etc.

android webview approval steps

In below I have shared my own experience and the recommended steps for how get approved to deploy WebView apps on android studio IDE. When you have following these steps your app is successfully uploaded on Google Play Store. Most of beginners doing some mistakes during the process that’s why app was rejected.

Android WebView Approval Steps

Initially we have to choose the correct source code without any issues, misleading, copyrights, missing permission access, packages and more things need to check in our end. If anything is miss then also our application will be rejects and need to appeal again to get approved.

  1. Upload Correct Source Code
  2. Add & Verify your website in Google Search Console
    • Do the process in same mail id where you are using to buy Google Play console license. Need to both account mail id will same. Suppose if you are using different mail address then also app will not published.
  3. Behind the verification process, android teams or checking like you are real owner or not on the particular website.
  4. Don’t use AdMob ads for your WebView apps, if you are using your admob account will disabled.
  5. Keep your website with SSL (for example

Already we have upload one article in the name of how convert website into android application using WebView concept. But that it limited feature but here it has lot of benefits like app exit dialog box, pull to refresh, splash screen, Loading Screen and more.

Which is Best WebView or Native Apps ?

No doubt, Native apps are best. Because it’s performed very well like performance, page speed, user friendly, navigation, easy to use, looks like mobile apps, material design and more. However webview also good it based on developer choice. Overall every application give the same result for end users. Therefore we don’t need to think about which platform is good such as webview or native. Just stop to ask this question and you know your capable so based on that take your decisions.

Source Code

I hope above steps helps to find out ways for how sort out issues during app development works. And moreover the source code is not for free and you have to pay $5 to do the all setup in our end. There is no works on your side, just give your website URL only and we do the rest of all works.

For that contact me on via email id ( or WhatsApp (+91 8778675947)

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