All In One WP Migration Import Stuck

In this tutorial I have explained how to solve All in one WP Migration Import Stuck error problem in WordPress platform. It’s one of the best plugin for export our website/blog data from one hosting to another host. For example if you are plan to migrate your site from one domain host to another one ? Then this plugin is good alternative when compared to manual processing steps. But recent days this plugin not working fine in free version.

Because previously they are providing free option for restore the imported files. But now that was changed in free to paid version. Before that normal import option not working fine like stuck in some percentage such as 0.02, 100, 99 etc. So when face those issues most of blog owners are using restore option. For that first we have manually upload the file on server & destination folder is all in wp migration plugin space. After that click backup button and then restore a particular folders, files, images etc.

all in one wp migration import stuck

Now this feature available only for Paid (Premium users). Finally we can’t do any work in free version so in below we will see the best alternative for All-in-One WP Migration plugins. In some cases may be import feature working on free version if your file is small size like below 30MB size. But when exceed above 100MB, surely you are in stuck. So use alternative plugins or just follow hosting providers steps.

All in One WP Migration

Let’s see why this plugin getting negative review from 1000 plus users. Export feature working fine but when try to access Import it’s will be stuck. For the sample in below I share screenshot for when we facing stuck problem.

all in one wp migration plugin stuck

Hosting Providers Steps to Migrate Our Contents

Generally these steps for same for all hosting companies like Hostinger, Hostgator, Godaddy etc. In below I have shared those procedure for manually export & import database files, images, theme etc. Moreover lot of video tutorials are available on YouTube to solving those steps.

  1. First Download Entire Files including sql file & public_html folders.
  2. After that change new database name, password etc.
  3. Then just import from new hosting site.
  4. That’s it. It’s very easy when you are watch tutorial videos on YouTube.

Alternatives – All in One WP Migration

Overall 5 million users are installed & test the plugin but most of peoples are raising 1star negative reviews. The problem is Import stuck when we have upload the files directly via plugin. Therefore in below I share best alternative for All-in-One WP Migration.

Still lot of plugins are available but in those list these are good but need some technical skill for handle code. But All in One WP is very easiest & user friendly plugin, that’s also one of the major reason for why millions of peoples are install an application.

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