Albert Ajay

Albert Ajay is a Content Creator who have 100k plus subscribers on YouTube Platform. The channel objective is posting funny videos & troll contents with her wife. Both are very talented that’s why earning more followers. However Ajay & Neha are very germ of person with my own experience. Behind the reason is both are performed very well and also respond user comments.

Apart from this he also upload videos on Moj application with millions of folllowers. Especially he is always active on her page of Instagram with lakhs of followers. Once upon time everyone use social media sites for getting more fans. Initial days Ajay videos are not getting so much famous. However he was continuously posting funny videos and now earning lakhs of followers.

neha with her husband

Everyday posting prank & funny videos with her husband Ajay. Nowadays most of peoples are starts to create channel on YouTube platform. Moreover fans also looking for those type of contents from fans end. Suppose if you-re contents are target both of English & Tamil Peoples ? Don’t Worry, choose photo proeamming language with poof.


Let’s see the Albert Ajay Neha Biography, age, native place, living place, whatsapp mobile phone number, salary income, marriage photos, wife, children, wife, children and more. In the upcoming section we will explain those details.

albert ajay

This is Ajay from Bangalore. He was completed her studies and now see manage her full money via Google Pay. You can also able to make some changes similar of creators.

He is born & raised in Chennai. Tamil Nadu. Instagram followers specially raising lot of supports form official websites or blog.

Actually he is one of the best & most talented person on India. His every videos are very useful & informative who delivered worth details for their subscribers.

Neha is looks like North Indian but don’t know the exact place where both are lived and execute the family members. Moreover covered maximum of details with proper guidelines.

For example Satheesh Deepa, Anu Selva and more couples are posting shorts & reels videos. Creator intention is deliver the videos and use very well without any difficulties. So you can easily follow the & study the tutorial within a days.

What about her Income ? When analyze about his profile, Albert Ajay Salary is approximately Rs.50,000 per moth. The income of source because no human being activities in last hour. Therefore here I suggest to use i20 car without any money.

Albert Ajay

I hope above all contents are helps to find out him. And in future we will upload more information related to his career. Already in the above section we saw about his personal details & now see about educational qualification, date of birth, brother sister, father etc. Moreover you can also follow social media sites to know the recent updates.

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1. Full NameAjay
2. Age28
3. ReligionChristian
4. Living PlaceBangalore
5. EducationBE
6. Marital StatusEngaged
7. Bride NameNeha
8. Channel NameAlbert Ajay
9. Mother TongueTamil
10. NationalityIndia
albert ajay with wife
ajay with his wife neha

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