User Registration and Login via SMTP Server

User Registration and Login Using SMTP Server

User registration and login page SMTP server – We have develop the simple tutorial for develop the user registartion and login page using PHP and MySQL via SMTP server.

In this tutorial we are going to see simple User registration, Login and Forget password functionality using PHP5 object oriented programming, MySQLi, jQuery and Bootstra. As well it has templating system that’s after login pages (home.php, going.php and lesson.php) will template pages like (header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php).

User Registration and Login via SMTP Server

User Registration using SMTP server

Step 1:

Create sample Database and tables for this tutorial with the following SQL queries.

Step 2:

Create config.php file and define general configuration related informations in it.

where __autoload() is one of the magic function of PHP5. If I want to use some classes in some other php file, we must include that class file using require_once or include_once to use functions of that class. If I want to 100 classes in particular php file, then I need wrtite 100 require_once statements in that file to use right. Here where that magic __autoload() function helps us to load 100 classes without writing 100 require_once statements at the start of the file. This magic __autoload function will called whenever we initalize PHP classes and add that PHP classes to that file.

Now create messages.php file, that will have all the success and error message.

Now create DBclass.php and create DBclass in it.

Configure the SMTP server

Step 3:

Create User.php file, which going to handle all the php realted logic functionalities. while we going to save any data to database it’s validates posted data, once it passess validation then it saves posted data to Database. If it fails validation it throughs the error Exception.

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