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Student Staff Chat Application Ionic

student staff chat application ionic – Today i share with you how to build the chat application like facebook in ionic framework. Ionic helps to develop hybrid mobile application, we have use to develop ionic application in web technology language like HTML, CSS, Saas.

student staff chat application ionic

Simply i have develop student staff like comment share application its like facebook. My one of the readers request to develop student staff comment system, that’s why i have develop simple application in ionic framework. Built AngularJS, Node & express to integrate the ionic framework, create chat system.

Student Staff Chat Application Ionic

First, you have create the dependencies files to build node.js configuration. So just create package.json & include the depencies. The package.json code is,

Hereafter, create the main file server.js. Here you have to add the library files which is need to execute the node application in ionic framework. The server.js file is,

Then start the develop the code in student staff chat application facebook in your own code. Below i have include the complete GitHub source code.

Complete Source Code

The complete source code of student staff chat application ionic facebook, GitHub Download Source Code

Test the Live Demo

I have host the live demo in Heroku. Heroku is a platform as a service, its helps to host the application like node.js, scala, php etc.

The Demo Url:

Demo Video

Steps to Run the Application

1.Download the ZIP file from GitHub

2.Extract in your system Directory, Like D:\student-staff-chat-app

3.Open Command Prompt

4. Change to D directory, then type cd student-staff-chat-app

5. npm install

6.finally, run node server

7. Now open browser from the url localhost:5000

The exact output like,

that’s all..

If you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to comment below..

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