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Shopping Cart Application AngularJS

Shopping Cart Application AngularJS

Shopping cart Application AngularJS – A shopping cart is basically a list that contains products selected by the user while he shops. When the user is finished shopping, he will usually examine the list to double-check that the items, quantities, and prices are correct.

This article describes the implementation of a shopping cart using JavaScript. The cart uses PayPal and Google Wallet payment services. Adding other providers is fairly easy. If you have your own payment infrastructure for example, you can extend the shopping cart to use that in addition to the PayPal and Google Wallet options. Offering more payment options should increase sales.

shopping cart application using angularjs

Shopping Cart Application using AngularJS

A shoping cart application using angularjs looks like a real online websites, so its very useful for develop shopping cart application. Shopping cart is an fully coverd with angularjs code because its working with an single page application.


This view shows details about a product and allows users to add or remove the product to/from the shopping cart. The view also presents a quick summary of the cart so users can tell whether this product is already in the cart.

Development code

The below code shows default.htm file as follows:

The store and product classes

The store class defined in store.js file

The “shoppingCart” class presented here fulfills the requirements outlined in the beginning of the article. It is 100% JavaScript, and has no requirements on the server, so it should be easy to add to existing projects. The cart supports PayPal and Google Wallet, which are popular payment services. Many applications will probably want to extend this to support their own custom payment services, and that should be easy to do.

The MVVM pattern allows the same cart object to be exposed in multiple views, which contain very simple markup and virtually no logic. The sample application for example has a view that shows the whole cart, and allows users to edit it; but it also shows cart summaries on the store and product pages. These views are easy to create and customize, and there is no impact on the application logic.

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We hope you got a basic idea on how to develop shopping cart application using angularjs.

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