Session timeout counter using PHP – Most of times sessions will be very helpful for our mistakes. We have check our email and forget to sign out, then its automatically detect and sign out using session so its very helpful for each and everyone who use social account or email.

session timeout counter using php

So you have must some awareness of session and some users are request to develop session management article so here i have develop the session timeout counter using PHP.


Session timeout counter using PHP

Here i have create session and add some library files to be add execute the current script. This is very simple article so you have also modify some codes and execute the better code for your students or fans.

Session checking scenario
1. User logs into account and a new session is created for him.
2. User can logs out through clicking logout link.
3.If user does not interact with the application for 15 minutes, the application logs him out automatically.

Session inactivity development code

When we have sign in the account, session’s automatically create and sometimes we have forget to sign out account. The session activity cusomized for our coding, some developer are set the session in maximum 15 minutes actually this is correct time for session setting. so here i have also set the session in 15 minutes also.

session management code
Now, i have develop the session management code so just listen to handle session inactivity.

Now include this code in every php file, because here we have create session so its depend on all other php files.

Create and Destroy Session

Here, i have set again create and destroy the session if already create the privileged user.

When the users are forget to sign out the page it will be create and inactive the web pages.

session unset queries

If the users are sign in the account, the session create one id and that session will be automatically initialized when the users are inactive the web pages.

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