Secure Forgot password system using PHP – This tutorial explain secure forgot password system, suppose you have forgot your password you click forgotten password then verification code send in mail to reset the password. But we are used different way to reset the password in easiest way.

Everyone likes this tutorial, because its an unique demos and code. You gave just try the secure forgot system method then you have not move on other way like email verification.

secure forgot password system using

Secure Forgot password system using PHP

If a one user forgot his account password, that user does not need to request for a new password sent via his or her email verification which is not secure because an hacker can intercept messages and hack the account.

This system allow your users to set their private or secret questions and answers during their account creation so that, if a user forgets his or her password, all the user will do is to come to the login page of your website and click on the forgot password button, the system will then prompt the user to enter his or her account username. So its time saved for like we ignore the email verification.


Configure the Database connection

All of the user information will be stored on database. so now we are just create one database then just import the .sql file

Welcome page after login

You make once successfully signup the form you have to move on welcome page in our site.

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We hope you have some ideas raised in forgot password system.