progress bar animation when submit form – This tutorial explain how to develop simple progress bar animation when submit the form i.e. when you click the submit button it will show a loading image and until the post information won’t get submitted into database.

Progress bar animation when submit form

Here, we have created an HTML form with four fields and a submit button. User fills the form and as he/she clicks on submit button a progress bar will display for a moment.

progress bar animation when submit form

In our example we send our form data to a PHP page where, we fetched values from url and insert them into a My-SQL database. Untill this PHP page returns some value back to HTML page, Progress bar is shown to user using jQuery.

We also add the css code for design the progress bar animation code. So its very helpful for each and every students and bloggers likes to encourage us.

Now develop the code

first you have to create one html file (index.html) to create the student form.

Then develop Jquery code to animate progress bar

You have to add progress bar animation code in html form to submit the data


Then create process.php file.
In this script used to execute the progress bar animation.

Finally add the css file

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