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Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms – In this tutorial we learn about kundalini awakening and how its working on our soul. Kundalini is not a normal task for following and activating everyone. It’s a procedure to activate in our soul. So not follow some of fool rules for activate the kundalini shakthi from your spiritual soul.

So first you understand one thing before learn this concept, Kundalini is not a simple process so its not possible for everyone to activate the kundalini shakthi in your soul. Some of legend’s Guruji’s only activate gundalini or you can also activate with your own meditation.

Kundalini Symptoms

  1. Always you will be there in silent place.
  2. Some persons are think you are not a human being.
  3. Think about backward families and try to care.
  4. Try to change the world rules.
  5. Always eat & support veganism foods.
  6. Care and awarness about immature peoples. Because some of business man’s earn money with immature peoples, it’s like a cheating process.
  7. In this world everyone deserved to eat foods, so we are try for this.
  8. They hate entertainment games like cricket because most of money is coverd in this field and no benefits for this game (our peoples). Some of players only earn much more money so this waste.
  9. We Ban soon some of entertainment shows and games like cricket and entertainment TV shows.
  10. This is not our World yet, when we not change.


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