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Google Drive API Import and Export Using Picker

Google Drive API Import & Export

Many students and bloggers are request to develop google drive api import and export using picker. So we have plan to develop google drive api, now successfully completed and share the code who looking for develop google drive api.

What is Google Picker?

Google Picker is a “File Open” dialog for the information stored in Google servers. With Google Picker, your users can access and upload photos, videos, maps, and documents stored in Google servers. The selection is passed back to your web page or web application for further use.
Google Drive API Import and Export Using Picker

Register your project

To get started using Google Picker API, you need to first create or select a project in the Google Developers Console and enable the API. Using this link guides you through the process and activates the Google Picker API automatically.

Follow the steps

1.First create one project
2.Then goto Library->Search google drive and enable api
3.Again click Library->Search google picker and enable api
4.Create credential for developerKey ->API Key -> Browser key and Get API key
5.Create credential clientId->Oauthclient->Web application->Get clientId
6.If your demos are localhost then Authorised JavaScript origins = “http://localhost” and Authorized redirect URIs =”http://localhost/googlepicker/”
7.But you have use the localhost server, the downloaded file is not exported in your server so recommend to use open URL(.com, .net, .org).

Google Drive API Import and Export Using Picker

Now add the download code


We hope you have one idea to how to develop google drive api. If you have any doubt feel free to ask me

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