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Get Videos from Gallery Android

Get Videos from Gallery Android

Get Videos from Gallery Android – In this example i will explain how to get the all videos from phone gallery using android studio. Using this app you call pick the all local videos from your mobile gallery in this android application. Here i used some android video library used for get the videos from phone gallery. In previous article i will also show how to make Video Gallery Application Android (Server Side)

There is also possible to using ViewPager Library to get video files from JSON parsing but that a long process and simple here make select and pick of the all videos from internal memory. Suppose you need to get videos from server side then you can used JSON Parser method for fetch the all videos from server.

Get Videos from Gallery Android

Just follow below steps to get all of videos. As usual first you have to create one project and choose empty activity after create the project open the class name to add the following code. Here we need four classes to fetch all the videos from gallery. The class name is optional you can assign any name for your wish. The class names are,

1. ActivityGalleryView

2. AdapterVideoFolder

3. ModelVideo

4. VideoFolder

First you have to open the class and put on the below code.

This class used for just assign the name of video details in next class we can see how to fetch videos from gallery. Now open the second name of AdapterVideoFolder class.

In this class we call from internal memory and read video files only from phone memory. After that open the third name of ModelVideo class and add the following code.

Finally open the name of VideoFolder class and add the following code.

Create Layout Files

After develop the class name you can assign the values from layout files. In this project i will create three layout files as usual you can give any name for that and call from the same names from the java classes.


Write for show the all videos from internal phone gallery side. The code’s like,

Source Code

You can download the full source code here if any doubts regarding this feel free to comment below or fast response just mail me at (

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