Facebook Like Button Application using PHP – This demo shares how to develop facebook like button in every pictures. Some readers are request to develop facebook like button concept in PHP, so i have develop this application using PHP.

Facebook Like Button Application using PHP

Suppose you want to modify something new, just go on the code to make the changes. Everyone like this design so we have eagerly designed for this application.


Facebook Like Button Application using PHP

I will explain step step procedure to develop facebook like application. Just you have follow my steps then you got a new idea to develop something new designs.
Step 1:
First create one database in the name of something else like your choice then create one users table to import below queries.

Now create another table for like details.

Finally create users_like table.

Database connection’s completed, now you have develop the code.

Now develop the code

We have develop like button code, so just follow the code.
Step 2:
Now create index.php file.

In this file ask the username deatils then go to on next step.

Create Configuration file

Now you have to create database configuration file. create config.php file.

Now create main file

Now create facebook.php file and add the following code.

Now add the CSS file

Now you have create style.css file to integrate the PHP file.

Finally create the ajax.php file to manga the php files.

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