Facebook Homepage Design using HTML

Facebook homepage design – Now a days everybody used facebook and some awareness of social network, so i have to develop facebook homepage design. You have also easily develop the facebook all pages and you have some knoeledge in web technology languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, and PHP that’s enough to develop website designing and development.

facebook homepage design

All the students and peoples are very inspiring in design for social network like facebook. so we are plan to just develop the facebook homepage design only and now we have successfully completed our tasks and now share with you via my post.


Facebook Homepage Design

First we have develop simple HTML form (index.html)

In this html code we are define to how looks the homepage design and images. Then we have add some css files to decorate the html contents.

Define CSS file

Now add the simple css file to integrate the html code. To make an CSS files access the all of designs and codes.

Click to download
Click to download

code’s are over. Now run the HTML file and also you have modify the designs. We hope you have some idea in how to develop the social network designs.

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