Facebook comment system using ReactJS

Facebook comment system using ReactJS – All of social networks used ReactJS to develop their comment system or some other requirements. ReactJS is the best library for creating user interface layouts. ReactJS is not a framework, its just a library for View the components. I have suggest you use ReactJS for develop mobile application or desktop application.

Facebook comment system using ReactJS

If you are new to ReactJS, no problem this is very easy to understand. so here just follow my steps and check the live demo for our tutorial.


Facebook comment system using ReactJS

Must you have to include the following libraries to start ReactJS application, React is using JSX(Javascript with XML on it) standard and it is not a globally accepted standard, so we are using Babel compiler browser.min.js and JavaScript code type should be “text/babel”.


React Structure for HTML DOM

This is a structure React of HTML DOM,

ReactJS Components

React components make a new pattern of fetch the HTML DOM in all of fields. Components name must start with capital letter.

Now Develop the code in Comment System

Here we are develop the code for facebook comment system in React with HTML DOM objects. Just follow our steps to make comment system.

Create a main component called WallContainer, this is going to render within HTML ID container. Included a new component called WallFeed.

Now create WallFeed Component

This component divided into two components WallFrom & WallUpdated.

This contains wall update form operations.

This component contains wall updates operation, follow the steps you will find more about this.

Store value in JSON Response newsFeed.php

The JSON file stored all of the user id who comment about post.

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