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Employee Management System Android Application

Employee Management System Android Application

Employee Management Android Application – In this article i will explain how to develop employee management system android application in Android Studio. Now a days most of major companies and colleges are used Android application for maintain their employee full details like name, address, phone numbers and more. It’s secured also when compared to the hand writing documents that’s why most of companies moved in technical way to store their record safely.

In this project i will add the features of Add, Delete, Edit and Update the employee details. These four opertions are enough to manage the perfect Employee Management System.

Create Project

First Create New project, As usual File => New project => Choose Empty Activity or some activity layouts. Here we write only for Adding the records, update the records, edit the records and finally delete the records. That’s very simple backend process and also attractive graphical interface.

After creating the project open the default file of class and add the following code,

Need to initialize the list of Employee names and id’s from SQLite database. Here we use sqlite for storing and retrieve data from database files. When compared to structured database sqlite is much better that’s why most of developers choose sqlite.

Create New java class file and give some name for that to integrate database files. The actual name is, use below code,

Activity Layouts

Now time to integrate java files with XML layouts to make better interface for users. But in this project i will did’t make attractive interface just develop the concept only with actual interface designs.

Just open the default xml file of activity_main.xml file and add the following code below,


Download Source Code

Click to get the full source code of Employee Management System Android Application.

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