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Employee Directory Application in Android

Employee directory application in android – Here, I share with you how to develop employee directory application in android using react native framework. React is a javascript library developed by facebook team, Its used for develop native mobile application.

employee directory application in android

If you don’t have any idea about React Native just read the official documentation here

Employee Directory Application in Android

Actually, this is most developers & students requested application. Because everyone needs to maintain employee details who have own company or other things. This is one of the reason to here i have develop the employee directory application in android studio.

We need node.js to execute the application, so just install node.js in here

Start the Application

After download the Node.js, you have to move on react native to create employee directory application.

1. Open command prompt

2. Type npm install -g react-native-cli

Now the react native is installed in your system. Hereafter create new project,

3.Create new project: react-native init Employee-Directory

now the react native project is successfully created, and it will show the two mobile OS like iOS & Android. Its like

Now we need Android platform so just choose that. Suppose if you have MAC then just move iOS its really better than Android.

Open Android Studio

1. Open Android Studio, File->New->Import Project

2. Open Android folder in your project and copy the path

3. Then just open that Android folder in Android Studio.

Create files for Employee Directory

We have complete all other steps to execute the application. So now start to develop the code, first create employeelist.js file. The code is

Hereafter, create employee-details.js. The code is,

You have edit this file (.js) normal editor like sublime text don’t risk to edit the code in android studio.

Complete Source Code

I would like to explain all the code in this article, but no space to explain that so here i have include complete source code Download File.

Test the Application

After, build the code you have to open command prompt, type react-native run-android. Its like the below image,

react native application

Then Run the emulator in Android Studio, hereafter type react-native start in command prompt. Now the Application is successfully executed. If you getting any error, feel free to comment below.

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