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CRUD Insert Update Delete Android SQLite

Android CRUD operation sqlite database

CRUD Insert Update Delete Android SQLite – In this article i will explain how to Develop the CRUD operation (Insert, Update, Delete and finally view the data) in Android Studio using SQLite database. Most of developers choose sqlite database for backend process because its user friendly and has more advantages.

In this project i will develop Students details like their Name, RegNo, Date of Birth, Department and etc details we can insert update and also possible to delete the entire data from database. Using this application you can make perfect CRUD operation via SQLite database. Interface navigations are very clean so easy to use the operation.

Create Project

First as usual create new project and choose some activity like you have to choose Basic Activity for the layout option. This is just optional because later that also we can modify the activity layout as our wish. In this project manually we develop some process that’s like back options and search data. Android CRUD operation is very simple when you have some knowledge in java programming, using this concept we can work with various project. Because most of project need inserting data, updating data and deleting data. So just go through on this project for your beginning stage.

After creating the project just open the default java file of class, and add the following below code. Here get buttons processing only like insert, update and delete data from SQLite database.

Now need to insert the data into sqlite database so access all fields with integrate sqlite like student regno, name, mobile number and etc. After that its automatically sync with sqlite database to store the given users data. So create new java class file like and add the below code,

Now need to develop update the data and delete the data from sqlite database. When i have explain all of these the codes are overlapped and you can’t well understand what they used. S finally i give the full source code of Android SQLite CRUD operation (Insert Update Delete records) in Android Studio.

Activity Layouts (XML)

Here we can integrate java class files with XML code to make perfect interface for users, interface navigation is very important part for every android application. Come to the point, now open the default file of activity_main.xml file and add the following code below,

Hereafter also integrate Inserting data, updating data and deleting data java file with XML layouts. But codes are very simple to understands so i’ll give the full source code, you can get it from that.


Download Source Code

You can download the full project source code of Android SQLite CRUD operation like insert, edit, delete the data in Android studio platform.

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