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Create Notepad Application Android Studio

Create Notepad Android Application Android Studio

Create Notepad Application Android Studio – In this tutorial i will explain how to create and develop Notepad android application in Android Studio. Every developers journey starts with Notepad application so everyone knows about notepad application. Notepad software is a Microsoft product and also used for run various programs like Java, HTML and more.

Now a days everyone have android mobile so most of developers and clients also like to build android application that’s why here i have create and implement simple notepad application. Using this app you can Create, Save and Open the existing text file.

Create Project

As usual File -> Create New Application choose Some Activity as your wish. After creating the activity the simple android application will be created. Now you can open the file and add the following code.

After implement java code, we need to integrate XML files to deploy the Notepad Android application. This is the very easiest code for develop notepad app, so one java enough to complete the project.

XML Layout

Now time to integrate XML files with Java code. Here the default file of activity_main.xml file enough to make the android notepad application. So just add the following code,

That’s all.. If you get any issues, when execute the notepad application just comment below i will tell the procedure to fix the problem.

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