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Create News Application Android Studio

Create News Application Android Studio

Create News Application Android Studio – Here i will show how to create android news application in android studio. There are more popular news channel will be there but here you can also develop the updated news application in your android platform using API key.

I have used New York Times API key to get latest news updates, it’s regularly update all topic like social, sports, entertainment news and more. So you have just get the API key and insert from our android news application project. After that the API key automatically fetch all news and show from android application feed.

Create News Application Android Studio

Let’s start to develop android news application. First very important to get API key from New York Times websites. So in below i give link for how to get API key for your project. Open the link and just register your account via enter email. After that they send API key from your registerd email-id. Copy the API key and paste from your project (build.gradle file).

Get API key

Click here to Get NYT API Key – New York Times APIs. Just fill that details in the link they ask your Name and Email-id after fill the SignUP form you get API key.

Create New Project

As usual File=>create new project and choose Empty Activity, after creating the project open the default class of file and add the following below code,

In this project we need to create more java classes and XML files to create perfect android news application in android studo. So here finally i give the full source code of this project because not enough space to explain all java classes in this article.

Activity Layouts

Need to integrate XML files into java clsses to make android news application. Open under the path of res =>layout =>activity_main.xml file and add the following code,

Download Source Code

Click below to get the full source code android news application.

Create News Android Application Android Studio

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