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Create Flashlight Application Android Studio

Create flashlight Android Application

In this tutorial i will explain how to make Android Flashlight Application in Android Studio. Now a days Every mobile has flashlight option and also available on Google PlayStore. Here i share the procedure to make flashlight application in Android Studio.

In some mobile flashlight application is already builded from device otherwise it will installed through play store. I assume you also one of the android developer that’s why here i post the article to make flashlight application.

Create New Project

First as usual File -> Create New Project and choose some activities (for example Empty Activity), after selecting the activities the project will be created. The file is automatically created,just open the file and add the following code below,

XML Layouts

After writing the java we need to integrate XML file to build the Android Flshlight Application. So open the default file name of activity_main.xml file and add the following code below,

Download Source Code

You can also download the source code of Android Flashlight application in Android Studio. Click to get the code

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