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Create ECommerce Application Android Studio

Create Ecommerce Android Application

Create ECommerce Application Android Studio – Here i will explain how to create Android E-Commerce shopping application in android studio platform. Now a days most of students choose ecommerce platform for their college projects and some clients also like shopping application for their business. So it’s demand for all android developers and college students.

You got one idea, when you try this article in your android studio platform. First as usual you struggle in some place but don’t worry about that, over period of time you got idea fix the bugs and how to develop & create new products in ecommerce android application.

Create ECommerce Application Android Studio

Let’s start, first create new project and give some name for your ecommerce android application. After creating the project open the default class of and add the following code below,

‘In this project we need more java class files with seven directories. The spaces are not enough to explain the all java classes here. So finally i give the download link for get the full source code of Android E-Commerce Application.

XML Layout files

Now we have to integrate the java class files with XML files to integrate the product list for ecommerce android application. Open under the path of res->layout->activity_main.xml file and add the following below code,



Download Source Code

Create Ecommerce Android Application

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