Create Chat Application using Firebase and AngularJS

Create chat application using firebase angularjs – This tutorial is for you if you are a software developer. Specifically an Angular JS software developer. Building chat applications with AngularJS is extremely rewarding.

AngularJS allows for maintenance of your chat apps. That is because when you need to add new features to your Angular application. It’s a breeze wiith the upcoming Angular 2 framework the level of abstraction used to simplify your application development will make your life easy as the developer.

create chat application using firebase angularjs

Chat Application Using Firebase and AngularJS

As mentioned earlier, we are going to build a Chat application named with node-webkit, Firebase, and Angular. The chat application will allow the users to login by registering or by using social authentication providers like Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

For this we will be leveraging Firebase’s Simple Login. Once the user is logged in, we will show a list of chat rooms to join. Once the user selects a room, we will connect the user to that room and fetch all the chat messages. Then then user can begin chatting.


Development Code

You have to also download the source code from GitHub

Create Chat Application using Firebase Angularjs

Now, we will clean up the home page (the page the user is directed to following login) of the application a bit. Open public/partials/head.html and update it as shown below:

We have moved the logout button from the body of the page to the header, next to the window action icons.

Next, open public/js/controllers.js and update the AppCtrl as shown below:

Next, we will move the logout functionality into the Toolbar controller. Update the Toolbar controller in public/js/controllers.js like this:

If you re-run the app now, post login, you will see that the logout is moved to top. You will also see a logout in the center of the page, which we will deal with in a moment.

Now, we are going to work on the home page. When the user logs into vTak, we will show the user a list of chat rooms, and we will provide an option to create one of their own. We will update the markup of public/partials/home.html as shown below:

Next, create a new file named chat.html inside the public/partials folder. This file has the template for the chat view. Update it as shown below:

Steps to execute the Chat Application command prompt
2.npm install
3.visit localhost:3000

Click to download
Click to download

We hope you got a basic idea on how to build an chat application using Firebase and AngularJS

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