Convert HTML to PDF using PHP

The HTML to PDF converter needs for every programmers and developers even college students. So we are plan to develop HTML to PDF conversion using PHP. You have easily develop your own style in document conversion for all the types.

convert html to pdf using php

Convert HTML to PDF using PHP

You have one PHP library file needs to execute the document conversion format. so just download the fpdf library then include the library file in PHP code.


First create one HTML file, index.html
In this example i have create just one simple contact form who needs to send the contact information. When the user fill the form and submit the file the whole document will be automatically convert from PDF format.

Create one PHP file to Generate the PDF format

We have already create one simple HTML contact form so now we need one PHP file to convert the PDF format.

Click to download
Click to download

If you have any doubt for this tutorial feel free to comment we have wait for help you.

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