appium tutorial for beginners

Appium tutorial for Beginners

Here i will share you how Appium works and when the developers used for that. Appium (Cross-Platform) involves many library files to automated the execution script. Appium is a free and open-source mobile Interface automation testing. Appium allows to test the mobile application like Android, iOS and related mobile operation systems.

Appium framework supports (C#, Ruby, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP and more.). Appium automation server communicates between with a JSON and HTTP protocol, so the server and devices and your test script (local machine) can be run on separate machines. Appium allows native and hybrid mobile application for test UI test automation.

APPIUM is a distributed open source mobile application for testing the UI mobile framework. Appium also has ability to automate the Desktop applications.

APPIUM Desktop App

Steps to Download and Install the APPIUM in desktop application. First we need server to initiate the APPIUM script in the mobile application. APPIUM provides Graphical User Interface, so you can start and stop the Appium server via GUI. In Appium also available in non-GUI, some the developers used non-GUI to run their server via command prompt.

Download Appium Desktop

Just follow the steps to download the APPIUM Server in your desktop application. I think u know very well about GitHub suppose if you have no idea about GitHub just read this article.

Open the Appium GitHub file: Just open the Appium Desktop file here. After that download the entire file of Appium Desktop.

Latest Version

appium desktop

After download the package, just click to download the Appium Desktop exe file in the packgae. It same on all of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac..The file looks like,

appium desktop

Once Complete the installation, Appium Desktop window is displayed like below image

aapium desktop window

Now click Start Server button, after starting the server display the welcome message like “Welcome to Appium”. Running server be like,

running appium server

Next Tutorial

In next tutorial we will see how to use the full feature of Appium Desktop.

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