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Animated Text Example Android Studio

Animated Text Example Android Studio

Animated Text Example Android Studio – In this tutorial i will explain how to create animation text effects in android studio platform. When we create new registration form or login form you try to use text animation effects because when user use the animation effects feel comfortly. Most of developers used text animation effects for their projects and clients also expect this.

In android number of animation effects will be there to animate the form, patterns and more effects. Here i have explain only text animation effects. After the further tutorial we learn more about android animation concept with example.

Create New Project

As usual File=>create new project choose empty activity after creating the project open the default class file of class file and add the following below code in your class file.

Number animation effects are used in this example like bottom to top text effects, left to right, right to middle text animation effects in android.

Activity Layouts

After making java class file, integrate with XML files for animate the text effects. Open under path of res=>layout>activity_main.xml file and add the following below code,



Download Source Code

Click below image to get the full source code of Animated Text Example Android Studio project.

Animated text example android studio

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