Android User Fingerprint Login Authentication

Android user fingerprint login authentication – Today i share with you how to access fingerprint authentication in your android device. The Fingerprint login authentication very secure for compare other login script. So now a days everyone moves to fingerprint options for android mobiles

To get authentication API you have must get the code of Android Studio in Fingerprint Sensor. Most of the device not supported in fingerprint sensor, its like working on only above API 23.

android user fingerprint login authentication

First you have create new project, as it always the same procedure one thing is different just choose the min SDK version API 23. Because the fingerprint sensor working on one some devices only who have advanced android device.
So choose the minimum SDK version is API 23 to execute this application.

Create Activity code of Fingerprint

You have to move on the main activity file (

Just copy and replace the below code in your file. The code is,

Create Authentication Class for Sensor

After, creating the mainactivity file, move on authentication procedure to get sensor values. You have create on new class, the class name like<?strong>. This handler have some additional feature we have add to execute our fingerprint scanner application.

The<?strong> code is,

Finally create one class The code is,

Add Authentication Image

Now time add fingerprint scanner image, as its also available in android studio so you have easily choose any image to like this application.

Right click on the drawable folder & select New->Image Asset then give some name for that

Hereafter, change the app icon you have to click Clip Art then some of image icon will be displayed you have choose fingerprint scan icon.

To change app icon click Clip Art icon, then list pf icon will be displayed like this,

Make XML file Fingerprint Sensor

Then you have to modify the res->activity_fingerprint.xml file. just copy & replace the below code in your project the code is,

Then modify the main xml file main_activity.xml. Replace the below code,

create res->layout content_home.xml file & copy the following code

Add App Design & Explanation

I have add some information in strings.xml file, to understand what to do this application.

just openvalues->strings.xml & copy the below code

that’s all..

Execute the Application

This is not a actual output..I don’t have latest version of run this application, before i said its running only advanced devices who have latest version of android devices. This is also possible for me to run this application in android emulator, to install the latest API & get the accurate result but now i have no time to build that.

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