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Android Location Tracker Mobile Number Android Studio

Android User Location Tracker Android device

In this tutorial i will explain how to develop android user location tracker using mobile number in Android Studio. Now a days every persons search on internet like how to track the user location using their mobile number in android (application) studio platform. We used Android Location API to get the user exact location using their mobile number or device IP address.

Track Location Android Studio

Using Google API we can display the results of tracking location in our mobile device. Learn more about show the locations through official doucument Location Address. Before starting that you need some knowledge in Google map API to fetch the user location.

We can also enable the user live location using google map code, you can read the official documents on above link to get more details about track the user location. Need to set location permissions on our location tracking application and the code like,

Create New Project

Let’s start to create our location tracker application using mobile number in android studio. As usual first choose map activity layouts after creating layout tab, project was created successfully. After creating the project open the default class file of class file,

In this project we need more java classes to make android GPS user location tracker in android studio platform. But here the spaces are not enough to explain the all java class files. So finally i give the full source code of android GPS location tracker.

Connect Firebase to App

Before start this you must have knowledge in firebase because firebase is cloud hosted database. Read the official document in Firebase. After you got some knowledge in firebase, Go to on Firebase Console. Click Authentication tab to create and sync the project with java files.

Get Google Map API key

Open the Google Map Console to get an API key for your android GPS user location trace project.

Get Google Map API key

Activity Layouts

After making the java classes and connect app into firebase database. Open the under path res=>layout=>activity_main.xml file and add the following code in below,

Additionally we need to create more five XML layout files for integrate the Java class files. Here i will not explain the XML file code, alternatively finally you can get full source code of Android User Location Tracker in Android Studio platform.

Download Source Code

You can download the full source code of Android GPS location tracker mobile device in android studio platform. Click below image to get code,

Android User Location Tracker Android Studio

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