Android Image Slider Example

Android Image Slider Example

Android Image Slider Example – Here i will explain how to create Image View Slider example in android studio using ViewPager. This is very simple to make image slider example in android. ViewPager is a Android library used for allow the users to perform the actions like swipe the images from left or right action. It’s a popular widget in Android most of all android developers used ViewPager library for their projects.

ViewPager require PageAdapters to make the swipe screen in the fragment layout. Use ViewPager you can get the Images and Text from server side or internal memory. You have use this project offline also its working because all of files stored in internal memory not server side.

Android Image Slider Example

Just follow stpes to make image slider example in android. First as usual create new project and choose empty activity after project creation open the default class of file and add the following code.

Create new Class

Now you have to create one class for show the slider images from ViewPager Library. Give some name for that class i give file name.

You have to upload the images in res/drawable folder and call from SlideAdapter class.

Create Layout Files

Now you have to create layout files so first open the default file of activity_main.xml code and add the following code.


After that create one new Layout file for assign the image slider values and colours.


Gradle Scripts

Here i will add the code of gradle dependency and project dependency code just use for same.


Gradle dependency:


Final Output


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