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Android Chat Application Login Register Form

Android Chat Application Login Registration Form

Android Chat Application Login Registration Form – In this tutorial we learn about android chat application like facebook, whatsapp and some messaging chat application. Now a days most of college students care about their career projects so some of students choose android platform to build their projects and career. In android have lots of facilities and security features available.

Here we see how to create android chat application with login and new user registration form with every users like facebook & whatsapp social networking application. We used Firebase to store the user information data (like messages, usernames etc).

Create New Project

Let’s start our project to make android chat application using firebase database. As usual first select one activity after that give some name for your project now the project is created successfully. Before write java class files, you have to create firebase account for store the user information and messages.

We need to must create firebase account and access the API permission for interact with java & xml file layouts. In below i give the firebase link for create new firebase project for your android chat application.

Create Firbase Project

First we need firebase account to create android chat application. So just follow below steps to make  it, Go to on the firebase official website to create new project on the firebase database.

After create project need to integrate JSON file with java classes. When user give the information for authenticate user whether correct or not, that information stored from firebase database. So the user get the message information if its correct.

Android Chat Application

After complete the firebase setup, open our java project and open the default file of class and add the following below code,

After that create another java file for implement the login page from our Android Chat Application with Login and Registration form. So here just create one java file and give the name of

We need to create registration form, after complete the login page. When the new user enroll from the chat, they are must create new account. The code’s are very long so here i give the full source code for Android Chat application with Login Registration form.

After completing java codes, need to integrate XML files to pass the information for our interface. In this example i will give only for activity_main.xml file, you can get other files from download link.

XML Layouts

Now just integrate java code with xml files. so we can send the receive information through firebase. Firebase manually implemented and connected from console application. The activity_main.xml file look like,

Download Source Code

Here you candownload the full source code of Android Chat Application with Login Registration form using Firebase.

Click to download the Source Code

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